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Which surf style do I choose?

"Holiday at last!" many think to themselves.

Spring is the time when travel enthusiasts start planning their holidays. Surfing holidays are getting more and more popular every year. People want to be active again after years of being restricted, stagnant and inactive. Moving, feeling your body, yourself and the world around you is very important for many now.

That's why active holidays are booming, especially surf holidays!

Those who have not yet practised any water sports are now asking themselves the question, which type of surfing suits me?

On the one hand, we offer surfing of the waves on the French Atlantic. For all Central European countries, the French Atlantic is the closest way to surf. People like to be flexible and travel by car or van. France offers a wide range of activities here for the whole family, for large and small groups.

On the Mediterranean Sea, we offer a variety of different surfing styles. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, wingsurfing, wingfoil, kitefoil, wakeboarding and stand up paddle.

Sure, the choice is wide. Often not so easy to decide. That's why we also offer combination packages where different surf styles can be tested and tried out.

We will be happy to advise you on planning your personal surf holiday!

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