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Get to know our sports offer Part 1


We would like to give you some basic facts about our different surfing styles.

Since we don't just offer one type of surfing, we offer 10 at once in our surf schools, we thought you might enjoy getting some information on each water sport.

Today it's all about windsurfing.

Formerly also called board sailing or stand-up sailing.

Here you stand on a surfboard and move around with wind and sail.

Windsurfing was designed, created, tried and launched in 1964.

Windsurfing is usually part of the standard offer during sports weeks in schools. As in most sports, the earlier you start, the faster and easier it is to learn.

Therefore, the interest is already very high at a young age.

As the name suggests, windsurfing is popular in particularly windy areas. That is where you are most likely to find surfers.

When bathers leave the lakes and the beach due to strong winds and approaching storms, windsurfers flock!

Even if you think that other sports are trying to drive windsurfing away, it is safe to say that the passion for windsurfing passed down through generations of grandfathers and their children may well remain forever.

Windsurfing stays in action!

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