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Online course surf preparation!

Online course surf preparation

Zoom lesson: Yoga "Surfers Flow"

We start a new round for surf preparation via Zoom

The first block of 6 units will start on wednesdays, 10.01.2024 online

Start: 10.01.2024

Time: 19:15 - 20:15

Location: Zoom

Starting the new year, there's the great online course "Surfers Flow" you can train from home and simultaneously improve your surf skills!

Do you want to get fit for the summer and maybe even plan a surf trip?

Here you will be ideally prepared for summer vibes and a sporty body on demand of surf skills.

In addition to revitalising the body, Vinyasa Flow also focuses on balance, back- and core stability, paddle power and breathing exercises.

So you'll get holistically fit here!

Costs: 94€/p for 6 units

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