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Riding the Waves Part 2

Riding the Waves Part 2

As surfing, we call it here "riding the waves", is not possible on all seas and beaches, in Europe the Atlantic Ocean is very popular because of its big and constant waves.

Holidaymakers all over the world also come to France to learn how to ride the waves.

As early as the 19th century, workers bathed in the Atlantic after work. With the first wooden boards, they practised gliding with the waves.

One thing you have to know is that surfing is not a sport in the sense that it is a way of life. Therefore, when you decide to learn how to surf, you change yourself and your attitude to life.

The mind becomes clear and focused. Not only in the water.

Once you have felt the feeling of surfing, you strive for more!

And that's how it should be, because what could be better than doing things that enrich people in all their senses?

France offers a long, traditional culture of life with pleasure and passion.

Surfing in France is therefore not just an offer, it is a must!


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