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Surf course for school classes- long live the sports week!

"It doesn't matter where you go. The main thing is that your path leads to the sea".

In general, a school sports week is planned in the higher schools with teens from the age of 14.

The popular water sport of surfing, or in other words "wave riding", is automatically and always part of the French school sports programme.

In the last 10 years, this sport has now also been gratefully accepted by schools in other countries and is becoming more and more popular.

Offers from low-cost airlines or bus travel agencies make it possible.

That's why we also offer great deals for school classes that want to get in surfing.

Schools have the option of booking just the surf course for a week or a few days.

There is also the possibility to choose an ALL INCLUSIVE package:

Accommodation with catering and daily surf lessons. This is also possible.

We will be happy to advise you which programme would be best for your class or school.

Let´s go!

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