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Snowkite 1 day French Alpes

Snowkite 1 day French Alpes


Snowkiting is an evolution of kitesurfing (itself a cross between paragliding and surfing) on snow using skis or snowboards instead of surfboards!

Snowkiting is relatively easy to learn and most people have enough of the basics after a few lessons to really enjoy it! As it is much easier to glide on snow than on water, it takes less wind and generally less effort to get the same feeling.

Snowkiting can be done either with skis or with a snowboard, depending on what you feel most comfortable on. Advanced snowkiters usually prefer the snowboard as it gives them more flexibility in movements and jumps, but it is also great fun with skis.


As snowkiting can be practised on all types of snow, it is a very flexible sport that can be practised in many locations, with large plateaus being the preferred topography! The French Alps, with their many plains and plateaus at different altitudes, are the perfect environment for snowkiting!


Lessons are available 7 days a week, from Monday to Sunda