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Wingfoil or Kitefoil 1 day  Mediterranean Sea

Wingfoil or Kitefoil 1 day Mediterranean Sea


This gliding sport, Wingfoil, will be updated in 2019 with the arrival of a small compact inflatable wing, and especially with the use of Foils which are now more accessible to the greatest number of people! Imagine gliding and flying over water, quietly, smoothly and easily! You can start from anywhere, all you need is a little wind and a little technique, and you can have fun with an infinite potential of sensations! 

We also offer the combination of Kite and Foil courses. 


Choose a course for Wingfoil or Kitefoil in our schools in Montpellier and surroundings here. 


Duration: 1,5h-2h


Booking dates:

From March to December, 7 days a week.


Includes :
1 Wingfoil / or Kitefoil course (1,5h-2h)


We also offer 3 or 5 day courses. 


Book your session here!


Any questions?

You can get informations about bookings and dates here: or call us on +43 660 1089908.

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